Friday, September 11, 2009

Sportsmanship Weekend

This past weekend in college football was named "Sportsmanship Weekend" and teams were asked to shake hands at mid field before the game. I thought that this would be a disaster because it is hard to manage so many people and make sure that nothing breaks out between teams that are ready to punish each other. I couldn't be more wrong. I even saw the likes of Miami (FL) and Florida State meet at mid field to shake hands. If they can do it without incident then I believe that any well coached teams can do it.

On a more personal note, I also deemed this weekend "Sportsmanship Weekend" in my own life. After all of the games were over on Saturday I went to the store to buy groceries. After loading the groceries in my trunk I started to take my cart to the cart drop-off in the empty parking lot and as I did I picked up several pieces of garbage and even put away a couple of extra carts. On Monday afternoon we decided to go to lunch with some of our family who had come into town. After getting ready, I looked all over the place and couldn't find my wallet. I retraced my steps in my mind and thought that I had left my wallet in the cart in the parking lot. We drove back to Wal-Mart and I asked the customer service manager if my wallet had been turned in. Sure enough, my wallet was there with all of my credit cards and cash in place. I asked if I could reward who turned it in and he told me that he didn't have any idea who turned it in. I ran out of the store so I could make it for lunch and I saw a lady trying to lift up a heavy cart (the kind with the car seat in it) that was laying down flat next to her car. I stopped, helped her pick it up, and took it to the cart drop-off for her.

I doubt the reason I found my wallet was because I had picked up garbage and put away extra carts but maybe Karma or Sportsmanship was looking out for me. Anyway, I would like to publicly thank all of you out there that have found and turned in things of value. Thank you!

Anyone have any similar stories they would like to share?


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