Friday, September 25, 2009

Fantasy Football "Warps" the NFL

Fantasy football has increased my interest in the NFL all while ruining the NFL for me. Does that sound like a paradox? Let me explain.

I have been a long time Seattle Seahawks and San Diego Charges fan and I loved rooting for my teams. All while growing up I liked watching my teams play as well as watching key matchups week to week. I had little interest in watching the meaningless games and I even paid little
attention to the highlights and even less attention to the stats. However, since I started playing fantasy football a few years ago my view of football has been ruined. I always say that fantasy football “warps” my view of football. Now, instead of just cheering for my teams, I find myself in scenarios where I’m cheering for my team to score but only if Antonio Gates scores because he is on my fantasy team and if Ladanian Tomlinson scores then I will lose my fantasy game. I guess I have personalized my fantasy team and have put more emphasis on me winning my game than my team winning its game. Sure, I’m happy if my teams win but I’m happier if my teams win AND I win my fantasy game.

I now have to pay attention to the meaningless teams like the Detroit Lions because I have a player playing for them or against them. Or maybe I should play a lesser player because he is playing against the Lions. I also want to know the stats for players of all games while I’m watching the key matchups, even the meaningless games. I pay attention to not only scores but who scored them and I have to follow injury reports before and after games so I know who to play on my fantasy team for the week. So, my overall interest in the NFL has increased because now I pay attention to the meaningless games as well as the marquee matchups.

The saving grace of the fantasy football league that I’m in is that my fantasy league ends before the actual NFL playoffs start. Therefore, if my teams can make it to the playoffs then I can cheer them on without a “warped” view of the game.

Has Fantasy sports given you a warped view of sports? Do you watch more football, basketball, baseball, because you play on a fantasy team?


  1. I now watch more NFL football games because of fantasy. I cheer for players I never would have known because of fantasy, but I also do not pick up players I dislike, regardless of how they perform, like TO. I also find myself picking players from teams I really like, for example my fantasy team has lots of Pittsburg Steelers, go Steelers.

  2. I love to watch football game because of awesome features.Football is me favourite game. I like to cheer.I had enjoyed watching many football game live being an audience.Article regarding football takes favour of all.


  3. Kevin,

    Although I love all sports, football is my favorite as well. Thanks for reading.

    Head Coach

  4. Look, I less like the football game comparison cricket but there is a one think i like in football i.e. aggression of players during match.