Saturday, August 15, 2009

Andy Reid "Gets" Michael Vick

I've seen all of the drama surrounding Michael Vick and I've heard all of the arguments. The question that someone asked me a couple of weeks ago is "Should Vick expect to be able to get his old job back?" I believe that anyone that goes to jail for something that is not related to their job should be able to get their job back after serving the time for their wrong doings. However, if their crime was directly related to their job (an accountant embezzling, Pete Rose betting on baseball, etc.) then they shouldn't expect to get their old job back.

Out of all the coaches in the NFL Andy Reid may be best suited to understand forgiveness and the importance of a second chance. He has recently had two sons serve jail time for unrelated drug charges and has seen the importance of second chances. On July 28th he was quoted saying, "Sure. I'm big on second chances at this phase in my life." I don't think there is anyone better suited in the NFL that understands what Vick is going through and the perceptions around him than Andy Reid. I wish the Eagles and Michael Vick the best of luck and hope that Vick makes the most of his second chance.

I'm interested to see what people out there think. Is it fair for Vick to expect his old job back after serving time? I'd also like to hear what people think about how and where the Eagles will utilize Vick. What do you think?


  1. Let him play! He did his time and paid his fines. Land of the Free, Home of the Brave--Now that Vick is free, let him work and be a contributing member of society. Just watch out for PETA because they will be watching your every move. Andy Reid is Brave for giving Vick a second chance, he truly understands our legal system. Now as for playing Vick, I think he will play when McNabb gets tired or messes up to much and then we will get the chance to watch Vick scramble all over the place to make a play.

  2. The era of "VickNabb" is here. Both will play at the same time. Coaches will have to deal with two quarterbacks in various "new look" pro formations. I agree Andy Reid is the right coach for Michael Vick at this stage of his career. Andy Reid will gain the respect of many NFL players for taking this stance. I can only think of one person who never made a mistake in life, and it ain't me.

    Last year, Miami used Ronnie Brown in the "Wildcat Formation", which had a resemblance to Gus Malzahn's college spread offense. Brown had a solid 2008 season rushing for 916 yards on 214 carries, scoring 10 TDs, I think about 8 of the TDs were from the "WildCat Formation". And Ronnie Brown sported a 149.3 QB rating, completing 2 of 3 passes for 1 TD.

  3. I should add, Vick and McNabb will only be on the field at the same time for 5-20% of the plays in the game. But defenses will struggle to adjust early in the season. The defenses are not used to having someone in the QB position run the football.

  4. I am glad he is getting a second chance. No one is perfect, everyone has made poor choices. It will be interesting to see how his experiences over the last couple of years will affect him as a player.